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Information about the association

The association serves in Finland as an alliance of private detectives and those within the tangential field of legal advisers and consists of experts of many sectors.
The association has good international relations and it is a member of the organization of international detectives I.K.D. ( Internationale Kommission der Detektiv-Verbande ).
The association maintains the professional skills of its members by arranging educational meetings, fieldtrips and tours and by following the international and domestic development of the security branch and especially the private investigation. The association strives to take care of the promotion of interests and briefing of its members regarding the authorities. The member offices are specialized in various branches and accept assignments according to their fields of expertise. When needed for investigations, experts of special skills are being used, such as specialists in medicine, computing technology, access control, graphology etc.
We comply with the rules of ethics accepted by the associations of the security branch (TAF).
The association has representatives in the advisory board of the Security branch.
Solid professional skills are required of the members in order to operate as professional detectives.
Approximately 20 members representing different offices belong to the organisation.
In case you need help to solve a problem, do not hesitate to contact us.
On the members page you will find our updated contact details.

To become a member

Below are instructions for those applying for membership of our association.
Write an informal application to the board of the association using the following address:

The Finnish Association of Licensed Private Investigators and Law Firms Registered Association/The Board, Post Box 33
00641 Helsinki, Finland
Or by e-mail:

The application should include at least following details:
– Personal data
– Data of the firm
– Education, exams
– Language skills
– A reference ( of one of the current members of the association )
– Justification why you want to become a member
– A mandate that justifies the association to check the authenticity of the data given by the applicant and other information needed to process the application such as credit report.

For more information contact the chairman of the association:
Lassi Rytkönen
Phone: +358 9 2316 5226



1. Accident Investigations
2. Blackmail Investigations
3. False Accounting Investigations
4. Family Law Investigations
5. Forgery Investigations
6. Fraud Investigations
7. Loss Investigations
8. Intellectual Property Investigations
9. Legal knowledge
10. Litigation Support
11. Provenance
12. Repossessions (Misapropriation)
13. Status Reports
14. Surveillance
15. Theft Investigations
16. Tracing


Ethical Values

The legality principle
In the security branch and services the actor is aware of the legislation of his branch and commits to particular law-abiding actions in his service.

Reliability, honesty and incorruptibility
Security service is based on absolute honesty and reliability following the principles of truth and incorruptibility.

Security service is based on professionalism, know-how of the branch and continuous education and development.

Responsibility to society
In the security branch and services the actor has a professional responsibility to society and supports the security services of the authorities by looking for solutions that are compliant with a sustainable development.

The security service contributes to openness in its activity in society and accentuates consideration to security aspects in all decision makings.




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